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About Us

In2IT Technologies is fast being reckoned as the authority in IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing, Managed Services, Application Development & Maintenance, Business Process ManagementTechnology Infrastructure Services, Program and Project Management and Future Edge Services to its Clientele in India and abroad especially in the US, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and Singapore to name a few significant geographies .

In2IT Technologies have taken the right plunge and invested in partners and consultants to provide tailor-made services whether be it cloud computing services or BPM. We work along with our customers to help them streamline their processes, ensure optimal usage of deployed solution and deliver a high performance customer -centric service.

In2IT Technologies aims to keep clients on the radar of continually evolving technology. We understand technology is the enabler and that there is always scarcity of resources to embrace the right technology. What we do here in In2IT Technologies is that we work with our clients from the planning stage steering them through the investments phase, helping them tie-up with best partners and then help all stakeholders to manage the expectations, ensure checks and balances for timely delivery with financial prudence. In2IT offers business intelligence and analytics as its core business solution enabling clients to invest right. 

Fundamentals of In2IT Culture

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our success would come automatically. Client's interest is always kept first at In2IT. Our employees are our biggest asset. We invest and train our employees keeping long term future in mind. We also provide a faster growth plan to our employees than industry. For every job we put great emphasis towards hiring the best individual for the job.


What is lacking today and what clients are looking for are capabilities on demand and not capacities on demand. Many IT service providers are not agile enough to fulfil the specific skill set required to complete strategic tasks. We realised this gap across solution design, solution selection, program management and strategic sourcing throughout the project cycle.
From our experience we have seen that high-end technology consulting pool is limited and not expanding. We plan to bring Talent Life Cycle Management to ensure an ever increasing skills base through continuous training to our employees, branded as Continuous Learning and Skill Development (CLSD).

We are our Clients trusted partner for the following services:

  • Consulting and Sourcing Advisory
  • Business Process Management ( BPM )
  • Capability on Demand
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Managed Services
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Technology Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Product Competancy

In2IT Technologies is proud to announce its sales and delivery offices in Delhi, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Johannesburg, Durban, Singapore, Australia and clients across UK, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia to name a few.

We focus on Consultative approach to business development. Our key strength lies in being a trusted ICT advisor to the client. Our endeavor over the past several years have etched our presence in our clients’ mind as the top Cloud Computing, BPM and Managed Services Company

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