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What is robotic process automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that mimics human actions performed on desktop and web application. But more than just a software, it’s a practice that helps organisations to improve their operational productivity and unlock the ROI which is higher in comparison to ERP and offshore implementations.

Industries Industries such as Banking, FinServ, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Telecom have significantly high potential for automation. The best candidates to be automated are generally repetitive and are time consuming, for example, processes like card activation and fraud claims discovery can be automated.

Hence, acknowledging RPA as the foundation of the digital enterprise journey is perfectly the right statement as it opens wide gates for cognitive, chatbot and artificial intelligence (AI) implementation.

CATS Process Automation Framework

CATS process automation framework is a methodology that helps our customers to identify and implement tailor made RPA solutions. By having a non-intrusive virtual workforce called software robots, there is no compromise on IT security, scalability, regulatory compliance and operational governance. The framework ensures that our partners leverage the best practices that comes from a wide FinServ domain knowledge catering high efficiency, operational consistency and greater customer satisfaction.

Meet The Team

Harkrishan Singh

- Director – Global RPA Practice

At In2IT, we leverage a unique blend of business and technological acumen to find the right balance of services. We are transforming competitive organizations with new capabilities like robotics and cognitive automation to help your business thrive in this disruptive digital world.

Harshwardhaan Dixit

- Practice Lead – RPA Strategy & Compliance

Implementing robotics is easy, delivering real business value is the hard part. We at In2IT ensure that the same is being catered to. RPA is not only about emulating and automating human actions, but it is actually about re-engineering the way you do business to elevate the overall customer experience.