In2IT Technologies: Empowering Banks with an Innovative Edge

By on 9Oct, 2018

‘How to increase digital footprint to engage more customers and impact their banking decisions?’ is a prime challenge for which banking CIOs in the digital economy seek a forthright answer. “From a banking perspective, today’s customer wants to use a solution that is as simple and innovative as possible to solve their problems both on …

Comment: Blockchain – solving supply chain management challenges

By on 28Jul, 2018

Supply chain management today is a complex endeavour. Regardless of how many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, workflow tools, digital shipment tracking devices or other integrated monitoring solutions are deployed, complexities, product losses and inaccurate data management abound. No longer the responsibility of one or maybe two players, today’s supply chain is riddled with multiple …

Fine-tuning the complexities of IT governance

By on 2Jul, 2018

The challenges of governance remain a pressing concern for organisations looking to retain a competitive edge and a sustainable future. When it comes to governance, risk and compliance (GRC), it seems the world is constantly playing catch-up. According to Forrester’s report, ‘GRC Vision 2017-2011: Customer Demands Escalate as Regulators Falter’, regulators are unable to catch …

Digital Twin poised to revolutionise SA business

By on 28Jun, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to explode in South Africa and despite a few remaining barriers to adoption, the outlook is positive. By Vishal Barapatre, chief technology officer at In2IT Technologies Different sectors are trialling IoT projects combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) testing to develop use cases, exploring the possibilities. Connectivity providers …

Tech won’t take over HR just yet

By on 24May, 2018

The technology terms ‘machine learning’, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’, ‘Big Data’ and ‘robotics’ are being thrown around with increasing ease these days. We’ve become very comfortable with these technologies, mainly because they are impacting every aspect of life and business. Markets have shifted, and companies are continually looking for ways to digitalise and stay ahead of …

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