Client Details

  • Food & Beverage Company based out of South Africa

Solution Overview

  • Design, Build, Deployment and Operations for Cisco/Huawei based IP RAN solution & CORE AND BACKBONE Preparation
  • Handling devices like Cisco7609, Cisco MWR2941, Cisco SAMI, FWSM, NAM
  • 40+ strong team, implementing Cisco-NMS based solution, 24*7 Operations/design Support
  • Overall Migration strategy deployed for rolling out IP services
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration Verification
  • Migration Execution
  • Operational support

Business Benefits

  • Roll out in process in 71 cities pan South Africa
  • Roll out executed on schedule in 7 months’ flat
  • Phase 1: Implementation and Rollout of IP-RAN comprising of Core Router at 14 locations.
  • Phase 2: Rollout and Extending the IP-RAN Core Network to Remote Locations encompassing all 300 countrywide locations

In2IT Differentiator

  • Fast Ramp-up, 40+ in less than 3 months
  • Managing, monitoring and reporting the Network Performance with NMS tools, e.g. Cisco MWTM, Solar wind NPM, NCM, SYSLOG.
  • Managing Cisco Tacacs server with Failover for more than 800 Network Devices
  • Consistently achieving high CSATs
  • Established in-house training academy for IPRAN