Solution Overview

  • City Video surveillance incorporating for redundancy and scalability.
  • Wi-Fi Hot-Spot.
  • Citizen Services Interactive Information Kiosks.
  • Smart street lighting system
  • E-Governance
  • Elite-core solution for User registration and Billing of Wi – Fi users.
  • External Storage for storing the data of end users.
  • Expansion of existing Network Management setup
  • Network Security

Business Benefits

  • Improve Citizen Services
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Risk Reduction/ Improved Security
  • Integration of ICT services of Phase I
  • Rationalization of cyber security controls

Solution Details

Design, Installation, Commissioning for base Network, Security and City Surveillance in Jaipur.  Solution Comprises of

  • Citizen Services (Kiosk) Interactive Information Kiosks
  • City Video surveillance for public safety and Security
  • Video Surveillance Manager
  • Crowd Management
  • Left object detection
  • E-Governance- REGS (Remote expert government Services)
  • Smart street lighting system – Motion based and intensity based sensors with smart controller
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot services for scalability & Seamless connectivity
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Integration with Elitecore for E-Billing Solution.
  • NGFW- Next Generation firewall having AMP, URL Filtering, IPS/IDS

In2IT Differentiator

  • Skills with previous experience in similar engagement.
  • Usage of In2IT owned process factory and knowledge.
  • Support from Centre of Excellence.