In2IT Technologies: Empowering Banks with an Innovative Edge

‘How to increase digital footprint to engage more customers and impact their banking decisions?’ is a prime challenge for which banking CIOs in the digital economy seek a forthright answer. “From a banking perspective, today’s customer wants to use a solution that is as simple and innovative as possible to solve their problems both on the personal and professional front,” explains Vishal Barapatre, co-founder and CTO of In2IT Technologies. In2IT Technologies has perfected the art of creating exceptional customer experiences and accelerating operational excellence. To this end, the company’s AI-based IT services, robotic process automation (RPA) framework, project management, technology infrastructure and application development services, and intellectual properties based on new age technologies are tailored to enhance customer experience.

In2IT Technologies – Optimizing New Technologies to Bolster Businesses

Disruptive technologies like AI, RPA, Blockchain and MASA are thriving on a global scale today. Being at the leading edge of technology enclave, skilled IT players strive to tap the full potential of these game changers to meet today’s customers’ diverse requirements. With the innovative mindset and Cisco partnership, In2IT Technologies Pvt Ltd, a global technology services company, stays abreast of these cutting-edge technologies to uncover better ways and create products for confronting customers’ disparate necessities. “In2IT is not only a global MSCP partner but also a part of GPN (Global Partner Network) program.

When Technology Becomes Disruptive, Transformation Takes Place

Technology is not just a mere word; it’s a power and a tool that defines the actions of different communities. When technology becomes disruptive, it further strengthens itself to transform the way digital consumers have been marking their day to day activities so far. Such technologies simply challenge the existing technologies and drive the success of businesses globally.