Fine-tuning the complexities of IT governance

The challenges of governance remain a pressing concern for organizations looking to retain a competitive edge and a sustainable future.

When it comes to governance, risk and compliance (GRC), it seems the world is constantly playing catch-up.

According to Forrester’s report, ‘GRC Vision 2017-2011: Customer Demands Escalate as Regulators Falter’, regulators are unable to catch up with the speed of technology and adoption, while the hyper adoption of new technologies and business models is putting customers at risk.

Digital Twin poised to revolutionise SA business

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to explode in South Africa and despite a few remaining barriers to adoption, the outlook is positive.

By Vishal Barapatre, chief technology officer at In2IT Technologies

Different sectors are trialling IoT projects combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) testing to develop use cases, exploring the possibilities. Connectivity providers are gearing up, and IoT start-ups are increasingly emerging to prepare for the surge in uptake, estimated to happen over the next 18 months.

Tech won’t take over HR just yet

The technology terms ‘machine learning’, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’, ‘Big Data’ and ‘robotics’ are being thrown around with increasing ease these days. We’ve become very comfortable with these technologies, mainly because they are impacting every aspect of life and business. Markets have shifted, and companies are continually looking for ways to digitalise and stay ahead of the curve.

For businesses, the most obvious impact is operational, as technology is leveraged to streamline and automate the working environment. However, technology is also playing a big part in the Human Resources (HR) space through the likes of mobile applications, chatbots, predictive analytics and even automation.

In2IT Technologies – Optimizing New Technologies to Bolster Businesses

Disruptive technologies like AI, RPA, Blockchain and MASA are thriving on a global scale today. Being at the leading edge of technology enclave, skilled IT players strive to tap the full potential of these game changers to meet today’s customers’ diverse requirements. With the innovative mindset and Cisco partnership, In2IT Technologies Pvt Ltd, a global technology services company, stays abreast of these cutting-edge technologies to uncover better ways and create products for confronting customers’ disparate necessities. “In2IT is not only a global MSCP partner but also a part of GPN (Global Partner Network) program.

Tapping Tech Disruptions

One of the foremost homegrown names in IT space in Odisha, In2IT Technologies, a company led by Rudra Shankar Satpathy is on its way to be a globally acknowledged player. The company counts ‘Artifical Intelligence’ and Blockchain Technology as the next disruptions in technology. Excerpts of a chat with the Interview

Blockchain: The solution to public sector corruption

Blockchain, the same technology that powers the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has the potential to bring transparency, security, accountability and efficiency to existing government services. In addition, blockchain creates opportunities to deliver new services in new ways that previously were not possible. This is because blockchain allows users to verify the legitimacy and validity of fund transfers without trusting a third-party to maintain account balances or relying on a single user to authorise.

When Technology Becomes Disruptive, Transformation Takes Place

Technology is not just a mere word; it’s a power and a tool that defines the actions of different communities. When technology becomes disruptive, it further strengthens itself to transform the way digital consumers have been marking their day to day activities so far. Such technologies simply challenge the existing technologies and drive the success of businesses globally.

Meet SA’s ‘most innovative tech firm’

CAPE TOWN – In2IT has been named South Africa’s most innovative technology firm by Global Brands, at the Global Brands  Awards.

This Information and Communication Technology managed solutions provider was identified, among other companies, as a key player striving for excellence in the field of technology.