DevOps needs the right ingredients for success

By in2ittech  /  November 12, 2018
In the age of disruption and fast data, the success of a new software solution is often dependent on being...
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In2IT Technologies: Empowering Banks with an Innovative Edge

By in2ittech  /  October 9, 2018
'How to increase digital footprint to engage more customers and impact their banking decisions?' is a prime challenge for which...
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Comment: Blockchain – solving supply chain management challenges

By in2ittech  /  July 28, 2018
Supply chain management today is a complex endeavour. Regardless of how many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, workflow tools, digital...
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Fine-tuning the complexities of IT governance

By in2ittech  /  July 2, 2018
The challenges of governance remain a pressing concern for organizations looking to retain a competitive edge and a sustainable future....
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Digital Twin poised to revolutionise SA business

By in2ittech  /  June 28, 2018
The Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to explode in South Africa and despite a few remaining barriers to...
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Tech won’t take over HR just yet

By in2ittech  /  May 24, 2018
The technology terms 'machine learning', 'Artificial Intelligence (AI)', 'Big Data' and 'robotics' are being thrown around with increasing ease these...
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In2IT CEO Saurabh Kumar speaks on need to embrace the digital revolution

By in2ittech  /  February 6, 2018
As the world moves towards the fourth industrial revolution, South Africa needs to gear up and also prepare itself for...
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In2IT Technologies – Optimizing New Technologies to Bolster Businesses

By in2ittech  /  January 30, 2018
Disruptive technologies like AI, RPA, Blockchain and MASA are thriving on a global scale today. Being at the leading edge...
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Tapping Tech Disruptions

By in2ittech  /  January 29, 2018
One of the foremost homegrown names in IT space in Odisha, In2IT Technologies, a company led by Rudra Shankar Satpathy...
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Blockchain: The solution to public sector corruption

By in2ittech  /  November 2, 2017
Blockchain, the same technology that powers the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has the potential to bring transparency, security, accountability and efficiency to...
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When Technology Becomes Disruptive, Transformation Takes Place

By in2ittech  /  August 28, 2017
Technology is not just a mere word; it’s a power and a tool that defines the actions of different communities....
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Meet SA’s ‘most innovative tech firm’

By in2ittech  /  August 2, 2017
CAPE TOWN - In2IT has been named South Africa's most innovative technology firm by Global Brands, at the Global Brands...
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